Neotech Global Solusindo provides a premium internet access that has been developed especially for larger companies that require internet access for heavy Internet use, faster data transfer, VPN connections, hosting email servers, websites, and other applications. Neotech Global Solusindo recognises the importance of internet access for your company. Our technical team continuously monitors all connections in order to guarantee a quality of service.

The corporate internet access options consist of:

  • Cost-effective Internet access for a large number of internal users;
  • Speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 20 Mbps
  • Synchronised up and download speeds
  • Static IP addresses ranging from 1 static IP up to 8 static IP addresses
  • High quality switches included
  • Response time: 4 or up to 8 office hours
  • 24-7 Helpdesk available for reporting and resolving issues
  • Premium clear channel Internet access
  • Service Level Agreement of 99.5%